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Welcome to the 21st Century and the join the technology boom

. If you are looking for a way to earn money then don't ignore that PC that is setting collecting dust on your desk. Thousands upon thousands of website owners around the globe are making money from there websites.

There are many ways to do this so you must know how to start.

First if your site is about a products then make sure that you have a great wholesale source for the products, offer a good product at a fair price, and offering good customer service and support is a must. You can always benefit by using ebay as a means to getting customers to your site.

Second you should always get involved with a affiliate program such as amazon or google adsense. These both work well to generate income for your website. Google adsense hits a target customer and are perfect for generating revenue for a site that have great information on it.

Third it is most important that you have a website that is easy to use and navigate. Nothing looses potential customers more than a site that a customer that can not find there way around or can not make the purchase they want. It is best to assume that your potential customer is a computer novice.

Fourth you want to keep the customer on your site as long as possible and you also want to keep them coming back often. You can do this by creating an area that is only for members and they will sign up to access this area. Topics that work well for this are, fan clubs, newsletters, horoscopes, dating sites, advice sites and many more. Your only limitations for this are self imposed.

Paid advice sites are always a good source of revenue and you can start by giving a small bit of information for free, then you offer more information for paid members.

Fifth you should build the site then get it listed in the major search engines. Then you should look into online advertising at the point where you get a large number of visitors then you can sell the business for a large profit.

Websites can be a profitable on line business for you and can be started with little or no cash outlay.

Author Source: Roi Leedwell