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Invest $100 Make it Double in a Week

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Have you like so many other people tried and tried to figure out a way to make money

. Have you invested in cheap stocks only to see that investment dwindle away. Well the truth is you can invest as little as $100 and double it in one week.

There are several ways that this can be accomplished but we are going to focus on Ebay and its marketplace.

eBay is basically a online marketplace of people buying stuff and people selling stuff. The part about it is that it reaches a global audience. If you were to have a store in your neighborhood selling clothing you would be limited to the customers that lived near the store.

What if you had a lot of clothing that was winter coats and the season changes and no body wants them anymore. You will have to box them up and wait until next year to try to sell them again.

With eBay when it is winter hear, guess what? It is summer in the southern hemisphere and they have computers and they know about ebay. So the best thing is that you can sell anything you can think of on ebay and you can sell it all year round.

It is important when selling item to do some research so you know what will sell best for you. You may want to even start with item you have laying around the house. Once you get more used to selling you are going to need a steady supply of items to sell. Use ebays marketplace or do a online search for wholesale items.

Remember if you want to Double $100 in One Week you can do it using eBay's online Marketplace.

Author Source: Roi Leedwell